All of your goods will be stored in wooden containers in a fully alarmed warehouse which is purposely built for the storage of furniture. The procedure of storing your goods with us is that we arrive at your property with our containers on the lorry, we then wrap your furniture with our blankets to ensure your furniture comes out of storage the same way you last saw it. Whilst we are loading your furniture into the containers we make a detailed inventory which you will have a copy of so you are able to decide which containers you will like first when you have them back out.

Once the containers are full we seal them and drive back to our warehouse where we then unload them with our forklift and stack them in rows. The containers remain sealed until you require them to be delivered to your new property.

Some customers may have items of furniture that are too large to fit into our containers such as ladders or carpets. We have special racks to accommodate items such as these and they will be wrapped and labelled accordingly.